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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mugs-Templates-Mother's-Day1. Mommy Mug
Pick from one of our many trendy templates to personalize a mug for a gift that is personal, charming, and practical. There are many design, photo, and text options to create an amazing one of a kind gift that mom can actually use! If a mug isn’t quite enough you can always fill it up with some goodies, like chocolate, a gift card for her favourite coffee house, tea or cookies. The possibilities are endless! Mugs start at $14.99

2. Wood Plaque Wood Plaque
Plaque Mounting is an attractive way to display your favourite family photo. The image will be printed on lustre-finish photographic paper and then mounted on 3/8” MDF board, edged in black, and has a keyhole slot on the back so that it’s ready to hang. Wood Plaques start at $31.20.

3. Curved Metal PrintsCurved Metal
Wow Mom with a sharp photograph printed on our curved metal. The image is transferred right onto the curved metal panel, making for a beautiful display piece that will stand the test of time. Available in a variety of sizes to decorate your desk, mantle, or table. No stand required. Curved metal prints start at $26.00

4. Collage PosterPoster collage
You could break out the scissors and glue sticks, or you can skip a few steps and
upload Mom’s favourite images and let us take care of the rest! Choose from a variety of themed or generic templates. Your poster is produced on premium-quality Kodak Supra Endura paper with a lustre finish. These are an inexpensive option that can have a large impact! Collage posters start at $4.05.

5. 4×6 Prints

You can kick it old school and do things the old fashioned way. We do love a good photo album. Order a bunch of old and new photos from family gatherings, vacations and snapshots. You can pick up an inexpensive photo album, from WalMart or even the Dollar Store and fill it up with a million memories for Mom to flip through at her convenience. 4×6 prints are only ¢.28 if you order 100 or more!

Spring is in the air | Printing your pictures

So as I crouch down in an awkward position trying not to tip over, camera in hand. I chase around a busy little honey bee, I stop to watch it munch away on some tasty pollen and think to myself. Without these little guys there would be no flowers, no plants. If there were no flowers what would I take pictures of?  These amazing little creatures do more than strike fear into the majority of the population; they keep the planet alive, or at least play a huge role in keeping us alive.

Photo by Nicole Stratton

It’s a hot summer day and the buzz of the bees calm the air, while the flowers fill my view with bursts of colour. Purple lavenders are the focus of my photoshoot today as they are bee’s favorite snack, which I don’t blame them as they smell beautiful. Bees are probably one of the hardest things to take pictures of; they are so busy and focused on their honey that they don’t have time to stop and smile for my camera. So I suggest practicing awkward squats for long periods of time as well as fast movements and maybe swearing as one may get curious and come to check you out, but don’t worry honey bees and bumble bees are actually very submissive so there is nothing to be afraid of. A bee dies if it stings you so it will not sting you unless you provoke it to do so. Wasps on the other hand are often aggressive and are more likely to sting. Try not to get them mixed up when taking pictures; they especially do not like their pictures taken.

Photo by Nicole Stratton

It took me about a year to master this art and still I have days where I might spend hours upon hours with bees and go home with three good photos. But everyone has to start somewhere, and even if you only know how to turn your camera on and as long as it is in auto you know how to work it, that’s alright you’ll be able to take good photos.

With technology these days we tend not to think about printing but again with technology there is so many new ways to print. Metal is probably one of my favourite  things to print on, the pop of the colours will make your photos look so vibrant. Curved metal is great for your work place desk or your fireplace mantel. You can either throw it up on Facebook for the world to see or hold it in your hands to show it off at work or at home, to me that is worth it.

Submitted by Nicole Stratton